Filler 4 Face with vegetable stem cells 30ml

Filler 4 Face with vegetable stem cells 30ml

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Day-and-night anti-wrinkle cream.

The ultimate rejuvenating treatment.

The ultimate rejuvenating day-and-night care for face and neck is soft like a soufflé, nevertheless, extremely rich in selected active ingredients.

Ayurvedic plant extracts, the resin of the guggul tree (Indian Myrrh), vegetable stem cells and hyaluronic acid of the latest generation make this cream a pure experience fo well-being with protective and rejuvenating effect.

The actives are transported to the skin cells in the base line, where they start immediately soft, but long-lasting to take effect. The skin appears energised, firmed and rejuvenated. Let your skin shine and enjoy its velvety smooth structure.

  • Day-and-night rejuvenating care.
  • Reduction in appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • The ultimate freshness-boost for your skin (stem cells).
  • The ultimate rejuvenating treatment for stressed and irritated skin.